2008 | State ChancelleryGraphicDigitalBranding

Celebrating 90 years of struggle and growth so we can be reborn again

In 2008, Estonia celebrated it’s 90th birthday. Our job was to create a graphic system to support all the cativities.

Estonia celebrated it’s 90th birthday in 2008 and a graphic identity system was chosen by means of a public idea competition. From more than 1000 submitted ideas, the work called “birth” prevailed and that kicked off a project that lasted more than a year, developing the system so that anyone could use it, developing a multitude of different practical and less so applications, and supporting the state chancellery and our embassies abroad in celebrating the 90 years that hold so much for our people.

It was a joy, a steep learning curve and also one of the biggest honors of our lives.


  • Kaarel Vahtramäe Art Director
  • Markko Karu Creative Director
  • Mart Lankots Producer
  • Ruby Lee Web Designer


  • ADC*Estonia Branding (Gold)