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Brand for Fractory

or how we (once again) helped a start-up to grow.

The story of Fractory is quite similar to the stories of other start-ups, with some differing nuances, of course. They start with nothing, they find some money, they come to us and then something good happens. Mostly.

Fractory’s platform offers sheet metal fabrication services online. Their product had the potential to grow big in international markets. Their brand did not. This is where we stepped in. This story does end with big numbers, but let’s pace ourselves a bit.

Do you know what presented the biggest challenge for us during the brand creation process? Getting the Fractoy team to accept our wish to really understand their business and their clients. Getting them to let us in, so to speak. Of course we did succeed (or you wouldn’t be reading this case study).

We interviewed potential clients and partners, researched their customs, values and motivators. Defined important target groups: Pros, Not-So-Pros and Noobs. Clarified the values they share with Fractory. Then built the brand essence around the information we’d gathered.

How does all of this translate to the visual look of the brand? The logo tells the story of two, who were in search of each other, and shows Fractory playing the role of the hotspot connecting the two. Can you figure out how these elements play out in the logo? (Getting the answer right isn’t that important. What’s important is that you’ve now spent quite some time analysing and memorising some company’s logo.)

Now we’re getting into the territory of those big numbers we mentioned before. Let’s start with the really small ones, however. We’ll start with… one. It’s the number of iterations that it took before the Fractory team gave our work their blessing. This proves (once and again) that taking time to build empathy is an essential part of efficient work.

Fractory didn’t do too bad either. It received immediate positive feedback from potential investors. Fractory has raised money twice. Seed-round brought in a seven-digit number. Since the launch of their new branding their quarterly turnover has increased 1465%. (For readers in the future – we’re talking about a year-long timespan.)

We did it! Together! Technically, we suppose, it’s not entirely clear whose input was bigger, but in a true team these kinds of questions don’t arise.

Fractory’s flight after that has been cosmic. Check out how they are doing at fractory.com