2023 | AvalonReal EstateGraphicBranding

Avalon – building a new future, every day

Avalon real estate logo

It is said that dogs resemble their owners, and we can all agree it often tends to be that way. Well, Avalon believes that it is the same with where we live.

Our homes represent who we are and what we value most.

However, instead of finding the home to match your spirit, real-estate developer Avalon scans peoples’ needs and preferences and builds homes to match your dreams.

They were in need of a bold brand to compliment their innovative spirit. Strong contrasts give the brand a good amount of strength, energy and clarity. The dance of abstract forms play an important role in Avalon’s visual language to express the constantly renewing understanding of the future.

In order to map the expectations of home seekers and ensure focused work for different parties, we introduced keywords into Avalon’s identity.

As simple tools they help to systemise and categorise information gained from the users. They act as reminders of what needs to be emphasized when working on a certain development.

According to Avalon’s team, this method has already improved their workflow.


  • Maris Teder Project lead
  • Andrus Lember Creative director
  • Keiu Grossberg Art director
  • Gunnar Hunt Creative director & content designer


  • Avalon Estates Client