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Agrello – the strategic future of managing contracts

Is there anything more strategic than shaping the future of a business? Yes! It’s using design as a catalyst for making choices and gaining clarity, working with the support of design tools and methods.

Agrello is an all-in-one contract creation, signing, and management platform – easy to use, quick and hassle free. They came to Velvet to figure out what the next steps could be on their path towards business growth.

In today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape, a well-defined direction works as a force that guides companies through challenges and towards success.

This is the essence of Velvet’s Strategy Amps (Amps means bite in Estonian, you know), a series of strategic workshops crafted to guide our clients to making better choices and find focus for their organisations, in a short time frame.

Our collaborative workshops empowered Agrello to focus on their mission, align strategies with customer needs, explore possibilities to reach their goals and craft an actionable plan for future growth.

The workshops 

Articulating Agrello’s mission was the first thing to kick off the work, where we realised team members had different ideas, still all relevant points of view. 

We learnt about their business operations, market, capabilities and systems, and identified key strategic opportunities. We set our focus on the potential of their customers’ experiences during registration, trial and overall acquisition processes. 

Their “Why?” needed to be unified and more connected to their customers’ needs and values.

Together we ideated on all kinds of new possibilities: from processes that could be tested within their team to other efforts related to their customers, markets and partners.
(Even though we would love to, we can’t share those ideas in detail with you right now!)

Not only that, but we also talked to their (very satisfied) customers and other potential businesses to discover what is the value they get or could get from Agrello in connection to their work roles, industries and overall needs. 

What does the future look like for Agrello?

Listening to their customers was the crucial to define a strategic direction: what, how and where it is that Agrello brings the most value to their customers brought clarity into their customer journeys.

We crafted together a strategic plan with actionable and clear next steps for Agrello’s team to work on next. Project outcomes for Agrello:

  • Aligned on their mission
  • Detected 11+ opportunity areas 
  • Explored new ideas for testing
  • Got strategic input from existing and potential customers
  • Shaped a concrete action plan

In the midst of everyday hassle, to make sure you’re heading in a right direction, it’s important to step back and look at the overall picture. Having a moderator, who drives the process, asks the right questions and keeps conversation in line is utmost important for getting clarity. This is where Team Velvet came in and helped with our next steps.

Toomas Pihl, CEO of Agrello

One small step for humans, one giant leap for… strategy! Isn’t that what they say?


  • Carolina Maia Groisman Strategic Designer
  • Kristo Tohver Business Designer

Client's team

  • Toomas Pihl, Jarmo Tuisk, Harry Käsk Agrello