We design events for brands. Our strategists, creative directors, designers and digital engineers join their skills in making an experience out of your event. An experience that lives, breathes and will be remembered.

We make brands come to life

Brands don’t only need graphic systems to be noticed and admired any more. Brands want to live. We know this because over the last 15 years we have given quite a few of them their unique shape, face, voice, message and the background story.

Now we make that come to life.

We believe that a strategically developed and a creatively determined event can genuinely change how people perceive your brand. An event can be expected to create feelings that a website or a print material alone can never achieve.

Velvet Live

You need people who think to create an event

Live experiences will shift the world of passive narratives.

Producers and strategists, creative directors and designers all meet at our table. We use Velvet’s design process for crafting precisely defined and designed events. This includes graphical design, digital production and all possible art forms. Every event needs to be more special or at least different from the previous one. We all crave newness. We believe that you do as well.

What we can do

  • Strategic thinking

    In the beginning there was the word. And that word was why. Together with you we will define the reasons behind making your brand come to life. Only then will we ask how and what to do. If necessary, we will do a survey to understand what the people really need on a deeper level, and how your brand can offer that. During this phase a detailed strategic plan is put together, forming the basis for all the steps to come.

  • Creative direction

    Every event needs to have one leading principle. A leitmotif. Our creative directors come up with a unique yet practically achievable vision that is based on the strategy. This is the most critical part of the process since we will start executing that plan in any second now! The creative direction can also incorporate scripts, messages, environmental design and all other creative ideas and choices.

  • Technical execution

    This is the time to realise that all the crazy ideas on the table can actually be done. Specific set designs, audience seating plans, interior solutions are born together with all the solutions related to light, sound, video, and to that something magical we can not yet name.

  • Production management

    Our producers are responsible for making sure that all we have designed and created will get done in time. And not only get done but make all the parties involved proud and nod their heads in agreement. We create interior plans, schedules, floor arrangements and deal with the million other details that all need to fit together in order to make an event into an experience. And to make your brand come to life for real.

That's about it.
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