We are an independent strategic design agency based in Tallinn, Estonia.

We take care of each other

We collaborate

We do amazing work

We speak up

We. Make. Sense.

These five values define the Velvet experience and our culture, which consistently produces outstanding, effective work. They foster a relaxed environment where all employees feel comfortable punching above their weight.  We don’t segregate people by department, we work in project teams, every hand on deck. 

We are not big on hierarchy, we are big on collaboration and straight talk. We are friendly, playful and sometimes we break the rules. 

We believe that clarity and simplicity are among the most powerful business tools as well as a vehicle to happiness. There is no argument, no magic, no trickery that can defeat “this makes sense”.

What we do?

Brands, Websites,
Experiences, Strategies,
Spaces, Environments,
Products, Campaigns,
Stories, Videos, Animations, Photos, Illustrations, Service plans and much more.

For whom?

Rheinhold & Mahla, Tallink, Estonian National Museum, Sportland, Varrak Publishing, Enics, Ericsson, NATO, WHO, Estonian Defence Industry, OPnGO, Viru Keskus, Tallinn University of Technology, Government Office of Estonia, Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Elering, Starman, MarkIT, Baltika, Porto Franco, Port of Tallinn, Skypark, T1 Tallinn, SEB Bank, Enterprise Estonia, Skype, Bank of Estonia and many others.

The People

There is 35 of us, but there are many more out there who may not have a business card with the Velvet logo, but are with us every step of the way...

The Environment