Work with us, not for us!

Whether you are looking for a permanent job or just a gig on the side, we need to hear from you, NOW!

Design Lead

We need you to help the client and us find the right way forward, to come up with brilliant, effective solutions. We need to understand, support, fight, persuade, shine, listen, teach... but above of all... we need you to lead.

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Web Developer

We need you to be the one who makes everything work. Flawlessly. Every time. We need you to work with the project from idea to launch, with the team, hands-on, from the fuzziest of concepts to the final commit.

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Web/UX/UI Designer

We need you to consistently create gorgeous and functional websites, apps and all the stuff that does not have a name yet. We need you to fight for the user, for the best outcome. We need you to be an integral part of the kicking-ass-and-taking-names process.

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Student or a young professional?

Whether you are studying in a Uni or just want to see what a design agency looks like from the inside, you are in the right place. We happily accept well qualified interns all year round.

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Freelancer or
nomad unicorn?

Not looking for a permanent fix but rather a cool project that suits your style and interests? Not a problem, just tell us about yourself, we are constantly looking for cool people with unique abilities.

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Need help or can't find a a suitable offer?

If you have questions or just can't find a suitable offer, just drop us a line and we'll keep you in mind when we need fresh blood.

Helle Perminov
Office Manager