February 2020 | Careers

Writing Creative Lead

We’re looking for a Writing Creative Lead who wants to help build brands and experiences, web applications and websites by creating a story, narrative and great copy with a team of award-winning designers, developers, researchers, and producers.

How do we work, learn, and play?

The best way to describe the vibe is “strong opinions, loosely held” – we are in constant debate as to what is the best approach to a particular project. We strive to use the right tools for the job and regularly evaluate ways to work smarter. We are passionate about the quality and consistency of the design we produce. The team is free to choose how they work to deliver the best results.

Our team is located in Tallinn and Tartu, and we are generally flexible with where you spend your working hours. However, this position is mostly situated in Tallinn. There will be a lot of working together in the office because of our collaborative way of work.

We have the necessary snacks, drinks, wellness benefits for gyms and other health services, team retreats, and conference visits.

What would you be doing?

All of our Design Leads come from a design background, and that has made us very successful over the years. Your challenge will be to be just as successful but starting from the text and story side of things.

  • Lead your team in creating modern, functional, and successful brands, physical and digital environments, events and strategies.
  • Be a pleasant, helpful, and productive team-mate to clients, designers, developers, producers, researchers, and whoever else might cross your path.
  • Enjoy the challenge when it goes right and embrace it when it does not. Inspire others to do the same.

I’m in! What’s next?

Write to me at job@velvet.ee with your CV and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you have any questions. Let me know.

About Velvet

We are not big on hierarchy, we are big on collaboration and straight talk. We are friendly, playful and sometimes we like to break the rules.

We do

speak up, take care of each other, start with empathy, fuck up like pros, work for business value, collaborate like crazy, punch above our weight and deliver kick-ass work!

We do not

speak ill of our competitors, blame the client, work with alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pay-day loans, political parties or assholes.

These values define the Velvet experience and our culture, which consistently produces outstanding, effective work. They foster a relaxed environment where all employees feel comfortable punching above their weight. Read more about us and our approach.

Being a nominee of the 2017 Estonian Association of Interior Architects’ awards our office in Telliskivi Creative City is considered as one of the best places to work in Tallinn.